Support  high quality  biomedical research that can be applied to the care of patients




The primary mission of the H. L. Snyder Medical Foundation is to support the highest quality biomedical research with a demonstrated potential for innovative discoveries that can be applied to the care of patients.

Our secondary mission is to provide scholarships and grants to Winfield students who choose to pursue studies in the medical fields, Incorporated in the secondary mission is the enhancement of educational opportunities for local people in the field of medicine. Incorporated in the secondary mission is the enhancement of educational opportunities for local people in the field of medicine.

Our third mission is to support charitable and public medical organizations in Winfield for the advancement of: medicine, surgery and healthcare.


The investigation of, and research concerning, the problems of medicine and surgery, and the dissemination of the knowledge thus acquired.


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Dr. Howard Lincoln Snyder (H. L.) was a well-respected and beloved physician in Winfield from 1904 and until his death on August 16, 1940. Dr. H. L. had the foresight to understand that medicine was on the verge of experiencing great advances and growth. He believed that this could occur only through medical research, delving into the complexities of diseases.

It was this conviction that prompted Mr. And Mrs. William Moorer, to generously contribute the first $5,500.00, which was used to establish a fund to form the H. L. Snyder Memorial Research Foundation (HLSMRF).  The name was changed to H. L. Snyder Medical Foundation (HLSMF) on November 24, 2004 to accommodate our expanded mission to support local scholarships for students going into the medical field, and for local funding to benefit medical care in the Winfield community.

HLSMF is a nonprofit, publicly funded organization dedicated to biomedical research and the dissemination of information. Located at 1407 Wheat Road in Winfield, Kansas, the Foundation continues to be forward thinking in its goals to support first-rate medical research in nationally recognized research institutions.

A force of dedicated people serve voluntarily on the Board of Trustees and guide the overall operations. The expertise of these volunteers helps raise public funds and ensure that the funds are utilized wisely and effectively.

Since closing our laboratory on June 30, 2004, we are supporting research at three different institutions, University of Kansas, Stanford University, and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA.

Our support at all these institutions does not include any salary for the principle investigator, but rather is going for equipment, supplies or technical support. We are continually monitoring the scientific progress in the programs we are supporting, and are actively looking for research in other areas where we can participate in promising biomedical research.

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