Scholarship / Grant Report, 2010

The HL Snyder Medical Foundation (“HLSMF”) proudly announces the awarding of the 2010 scholarships and grants to local Winfield students who are pursuing careers in healthcare. 
  The HLSMF Trustees formally welcomed the 2010 class of scholarship and grant recipients during a reception held at the Harbor at Winfield High School. On hand to congratulate the recipients were HLSMF trustees, family and friends.  After an opening address, Scholarship Committee Chair, Hannelore Snyder Brown, presented each scholarship recipient with a certificate designating his or her scholarship or grant amount.  Recipients were individually congratulated by Trustees and Scholarship Committee members, Katie Herlocker, Alan Herrman and Marjorie Snyder.  A total of $64,550.00 in scholarships and grants were awarded.
  The 2010 Miller Scholar, named in honor of Dr. Franklin and Mrs. Ellen Miller, is Whitley Spengler, a senior at Southwestern College, School of Nursing.  Spengler received a $4,000 scholarship.  The 2010 H.L. Snyder Scholar is Alexandria Kaufman who is in her final year of Nursing at the University of Kansas Medical Center.  Kaufman received a $2,500 scholarship

Cindy Groene received a $1,000 scholarship and will pursue her Family Nurse Practitioner's degree from Wichita State University. 

Hannah Langley, Oklahoma State University, was awarded a $1,000 grant. 

Megan Lounds, a freshman at the University of Kansas, received a $1,500 grant.  

Josh McNown, a freshman at Wichita State University, was awarded a $1,000 grant. 

Scott McSpadden, was awarded a $1,000 scholarship. McSpadden is attending NESU school of Optometry in Oklahoma.  

Daelor Osen, a freshman at Friends University, received a $1,000 grant.  

Rachel Kaiser, a freshman at University of Kansas, was awarded a $1,000 grant.  

Arista Waite, was awarded a $1,000 grant for her junior year at Lindenwood University where she is majoring in Athletic Training. She is also completing her coursework for her Physician's Assistant.  

Jared Albright, pre-Pharmacy at Oklahoma State University, received a $2,000 scholarship.  

Samara Fields, received a $2,000 grant and is a Pre-Pharmacy major at Southwest Oklahoma State University. 

Tyler Groom, a sophomore majoring in Nursing at the University of Kansas, was awarded a $2,000 grant.   

Ashley Hall, received a $2,000 scholarship, and is in her 3rd year of graduate work towards her doctorate in Physical Therapy. 

Jacqueline Hill, received a $2,000 scholarship, and is pursuing a PhD in Health Policy and Management at the University of Kansas Medical Center. 

Kari Roth Logsdon, Friends University, was presented a $2,000 scholarship and is studying Family Counseling. 

Shanie Maxwell, a Southwestern College senior, is a nursing student and received a $2,000 scholarship. 

Kathryn McNutt, received a $1,500 grant, and is a nursing major at the Hutchinson Community College. 

Jaden Bailey, was presented with a $3,000 scholarship, and is studying Dentistry at UMKC School of Dentistry. 

Jessica Niederee, a first year Dentistry student at Midwestern University, was awarded a $3,000 scholarship. 

Susan Carver, was awarded a $3,000 scholarship and is studying Pharmacy at Creighton University. 

Emily Meyer received a $3,000 scholarship and is studying Radiology Technology at Washburn University. 

Megan Ziegler, a University of Kansas Pre-Pharmacy major, was awarded a $3,000 scholarship. 

Craig Turner was presented with a $4,000 scholarship, and is a second year student in the accelerated BS/MD program at UMKC.    

Jennifer Sturich, University of Kansas Medical Center, is in her third year of Medicine and was presented with a $4,000 scholarship.  
    In a collaborative effort between USD 465, Winfield High School, Arkansas City High School, Cowley County Community College and HLSMF, a grant program was established to encourage and foster high school students interested in medical careers.  The Marvin Estes and Dolly Bonfy Healthcare grant was awarded to students who will receive their Certified Nurses Aide certification through Cowley County Community College.  Students were required to satisfactorily complete their Healthcare Exploration classes, have an above average GPA, 2 letters of reference along with full grant application for review by the HLSMF Scholarship Committee. A total grant award of $8,550 was presented to USD 465 to fund the CNA program. This year’s awardees are: 
    Marylynn Berry 

Rebecca Chrisman 

Race Creeden 

Trey Hall 

Alyssa Hutto 

Chelsea Jellison 

Lauren Koester 

Chelsie Mortimer 

Brandon Nungesser 

Sadie Pennington 

Carolina Sotelo 

Bevin Starlin 

Vanessa Strickland 

Alex Thomas 

Rachel Torrez 

Heath Turner 

Caitlyn Ulbrich 

Angela Wilson 

Taler Wood 
    The Scholarship Committee works in conjunction with Winfield High School teacher, Mr. Greg Carver and WHS administrators to award $500 grants to recent WHS graduates who intend to study in healthcare related fields.
    Megan Lounds 

Ashley Manly 

Kathryn McNutt 

Nancy Misasi 

Jessie Topper 
    The HLSMF also recognized Winfield EMTs. The Winfield EMTs are truly at the forefront of first responders. Whether it is a medical transfer, assistance to staff at William Newton Hospital or an emergency situation, Winfield EMTs provide vital support and service to Winfield and a good portion of the Cowley County communities. The HLSMF awarded a $2,000 Continuing Education Grant to the Winfield EMTs for additional training purposes.
    Founded in 1943 by the Snyder family, friends and community leaders, the HLSMF has had a long standing commitment to medical research and to the community of Winfield that has been so generous in its support throughout the years.  As a way to give back to the community and to support the next generation of entrants into medical and scientific fields, HLSMF established the scholarship and grant program in 2003.  Two of the primary goals of the program are to help deserving Winfield students pursue careers in these professions, and to minimize the financial burden they incur during these academic endeavors.