2011 Annual Meeting Minutes

November 22. 2011 at 3:00 pm

Voting Trustees present were: Bob Bourdette – President, Dean Kennedy – Vice President, Lucy Freeman – Secretary, Tom Herlocker – Assistant Secretary, Dave Norris – Treasurer, Lucien Barbour, Caroline Blakeslee, Hannelore Snyder Brown, Jim Buterbaugh, Susan Forrester, Dan Freeman, Andrew Garschagen, Harry Garschagen, Jean Garschagen, Todd Gentry, Merrill Gordon, Alan Herrman, Carolyn Lagenwalter, Dave Norris, Kent Radcliff, Jim Snyder, John W. Snyder, Dr. Lincoln Snyder, and Bill Taylor.

Other Trustees present: Dorothy Flottman (Proxy)

Voting Trustees by proxy: Dr. Heidi Snyder Flagg, Ellen Lewis, David McDermott, Marjorie McDermott, Cathy Nolan, Dr. C. John Snyder and Nancy Snyder.

Michael Norton, overview of the financial compilation report. At the end of June 2011 total assets were $9,079,982.64. Assets went up $1,097,847.31. 990 return public support is less than 33% it is down, taking the stance that it is but using facts and circumstance. If we get below 10% of public support or contributions we will not be able to use the facts and circumstance. If the Foundation goes from a public foundation to a private foundation will have to pay 1-2% taxes. The Foundation was at 18% last year and 13% this year. 

Bob Bourdette asked that the minutes be approved from the November 23, 2010 Annual meeting. Minutes were approved. 

Research -- Dr. Dan Freeman talked about the visit with Dr. Kim. It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Kim and learn about the research programs that he and his lab are doing. The research committee talked about a possible lecture series and a student working in their lab. Hannelore, Katie and Alan herrman are working on putting together a HLSMF Facebook page. Dan Freeman also suggested that we use a quarterly e-Newsletter to provide update to community and interested people. 

Scholarship Committee chair, Hannelore Snyder Brown provided updates on the majority of the HLSMF Scholars, which can be found in the Annual Report. Missing this year is the annual grant provided to WHS Exploring Health Careers CNA/CMA certification program through Cowley County Community College. The reason being that despite tremendous effort by Mr Robert Fields in class, individual meetings and announcements, only 2 out of 20 students turned in completed applications by the June 15th deadline. It is unfortunate however with such overwhelming apathy, the Scholarship Committee, Mr. Greg Carver and Mr. Robert Fields decided that the grant was not to be awarded for the 2011-2012 academic year. 

For the past 1 1/2 years Hannelore Snyder Brown has been working with a number of colleges and universities to find a grant to assist our HLSMF scholars not only financially but provide a mentoring program. The STEP grant, however, turned out to be the wrong grant and due to a number of additional stumbling blocks, we will not pursue this program. However, another possibility did arise in September. After researching, making phone calls and speaking to various professionals, it is with great pleasure to announce that the HLSMF is the neutral coordinator for a possible TAAACT grant. At the time of the annual meeting, there were 8 community colleges and technical colleges on board as part f the coalition needed to pursue this statewide grant. The TAAACT grant would provide funding to train allied healthcare workers as well as nurses statewide through the community college/technical college systems. As the neutral coordinator for the Kansas coalition, Hannelore will be working to encourage additional community colleges and technical colleges to join the coalition. The next round of grant funding cycles will be announced in early 2012. While it is necessary to remain realistic about the current round of budget cuts anticipated due to the super-committee's inability to come to a compromise, the Kansas coalition will be ready to put together the necessary documents and submit their TAAACT grant proposal. Moreover, the possibility of bringing in the Allied Health department at KU Medical Center to train workers in Telemedicine is tremendously exciting as it would be a great advantage for the western Kansas frontier and rural counties. The Kansas Board of Regents is tremendously supportive of this venture. 

Woring together with HSMF researcher Dr. Seung Kim, Stanford University, the Research and Scholarship Committees are proud to announce that HLSMF scholar, Jared Albright will be submitting his application to take part in the 2012 Stanford Summer Research Program. Only 25 students are admitted to this incredible program annually. Jared is an amazing student and will have the opportunity to work with Dr. Kim, Dr. Karl Deissseroth and Dr. Judy Shizuru during the 9 week program. 

Finally, through efforts between the Research and Scholarship Committees, plans are being made to host a number of Skype conferences with a number of our HLSMF Researchers. Dr Seung Kim, who traveled to Winfield for the annual meeting, was a terrific speaker. All trustees who had the opportunity to meet with him and listen to his presentation on his research were sincerely impressed. USD 465 Superintendent, JK Campbell, strongly supports the Skype conferences for presentations as well as Q&A sessions. WHS, Southwestern College, Cowley County Community College, HLSMF trustees, healthcare professionals and interested Winfield community will be invited to the HLSMF Researcher Conferences. Dates and times will be announced at a later time. 

Jim Snyder gave a brief summary of the Community Projects program. Have had several articles in the paper, community has given great feedback with comments and letters. Would like to see that 25% go to scholarship/grant program and 50% to the research program. A discussion ensued about marketing what the Foundation is doing. Lectures on Skype with the scientists that the Foundation is supporting. Best way to ask for help from the community. 

Lucy Freeman went over a few changes she would like to do to the Bylaws: 

The Chairpersons of any standing committee should be on the Executive/Finance committee, and increase the number of the members from not more than 20 to not more than 25. 
Community Projects Committee: The Community projects Committee shall consist of not less than three (3) members of the Voting Trustees. The committee shall make recommendations concerning donations to local entities for health-related purposes. 

Dean Kennedy moved that the changes to the bylaws be approved, motion passed

Tom Herlocker stated that they (Jim Snyder, Lucy Freeman and Tom Herlocker) did not go to see Bever Dye but got information from Dick Gallagher and trustee, David McDermott. He looked over and read the Articles and incorporations. All aspects like research, scholarships and community projects that the Foundation is supporting fits into the Articles. 

Lucy Freeman presented the recommendations from the Nominating Committee: 
Re-elect Lucien Barbour, Lucy Freeman, Carolyn Langenwalter, Lin Lewis, Kent Radcliff, and Dr. C. John Snyder to the Executive/Finance committee. 
The Nominating committee recommends the following officers: 
Hanelore as Secretary 
Merrill Gordon as Treasurer 
Bob Bourdette a President, this would be his second term 
Dean Kennedy as Vice President, this would be his second term 
Tom Herlocker & Lucy Herlocker as Assistant Secretaries 

Caroline moved to accept the re-election of the Executive/Finance members and to accept the nominations of the officers. Alan Herman seconded the motion and motion carried. Bob Bourdette appointed the rest of the committees. 

Harry Garschagen moved that Andrew Garschagen be elected to the Exec/Finance committee, motion was seconded and approved. 

Meeting adjourned.